“Making It” as an entrepreneur

”Entrepreneurs Spectrum To Success” 

Over the course of the last month our Over The Rainbow dynamic duo Lesley and Sandy have been facilitating an entrepreneur workshop, working closely with a pioneer group of small business owners who are members of ORT JET Cape Town. It has been both an exciting and motivating journey; the feedback has been great and overall a growing experience.  If you are an entrepreneur and want to find your pot of gold then go to our website HERE, sign up and we’ll be in touch with details of our next course.

The group of entrepreneurs from ORT JET Cape Town grasped responsibility for their futures and took the initial step to business success started just over a month ago when they joined our Over The Rainbow programme. The Over The Rainbow course has been designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Using the colours of the rainbow, we see 7 different stages to business success. The first 5 colours represent business aspects needed to be mastered by the entrepreneur in order to operate a successful and sustainable business. The end goal of the Over The Rainbow’s spectrum to success is found in the final two colours “indigo – be all you can be; be extraordinary” and “violet – make a difference by paying it forward”.  Having mastered the 5 key stages of the spectrum an entrepreneur now becomes completely focused on making a difference and leaving a legacy.

“It’s easy to stand up, but it’s hard to stand out” – Lesley Waterkeyn

If you are an entrepreneur start this journey with us, sign up on our website www.overtherainbow.co.za to ensure you secure a slot on the next life changing course. Follow Over The Rainbow to discover your pot of gold!