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Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? Ever had an idea you’ve been meaning to turn into a business but never knew how to? If you have answered yes to these questions, our entrepreneurship training course is a perfect match for you! This course offers entrepreneurs the knowledge and guidance needed to build successful and sustainable businesses that create wealth in the global economy.

Entrepreneurship Training

Entrepreneurship Training

In the colours of the rainbow, we see seven distinct stages that will lead you to business success. The Over The Rainbow Entrepreneurship Training program teaches students the ins and outs of starting up and scaling a successful business. By following the colours of the rainbow, we guide our students through the seven stages that lead to business success and provide them with the tools necessary to build a sustainable and profitable business. Master these modules by committing yourself to education and reach your pot of gold sooner than you think.


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Entrepreneurship Training


Join our community of students and stand alongside Dawn Nathan Jones and Lesley Waterkeyn (both awards winning businesswomen and entrepreneurs) in our effort to make a positive impact for SMME’S in South Africa. 

Dawn Nathan Jones Golden Circle Mentorship


Dawn Nathan-Jones is a renowned South African entrepreneur, multiple award-winning business leader and a professional speaker. Her legacy lies in her role as one of the early pioneers of the Imperial Car Rental company, known more recently as Europcar. She spent over three decades building this fledging car rental business with her two colleagues.

Lesley Waterkeyn Golden Circle Mentorship


Lesley Waterkeyn is passionate about unlocking the potential of South Africa’s young people. She is the founder and vice-chairman of CWDi, a lifelong learner and active member of the world’s largest peer-to-peer entrepreneurial network, Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO). Amongst many other accolades, Lesley is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur.