Meet the team

Over the Rainbow is the brainchild of rainmaker Lesley Waterkeyn and education specialist Sandy van Dijk.

Dawn Nathan Jones
Executive Director

Dawn Nathan-Jones is a renowned South African entrepreneur, multiple award-winning business leader and a professional speaker. Her legacy lies in her role as one of the early pioneers of the Imperial Car Rental company, known more recently as Europcar. She spent over three decades building this fledging car rental business with her two colleagues.


Lesley waterkeyn
Founder & Executive director

Lesley Waterkeyn is passionate about unlocking the potential of South
Africa’s young people. She is the founder and vice-chairman of CWDi, a
lifelong learner and active member of the world’s largest peer-to-peer
entrepreneurial network, Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO). Amongst
many other accolades, Lesley is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur.


Sandy Van Dijk
Founder & Head of operations

Sandy has been a passionate educator for the past 25 years. She loves the
thrill and pleasure of acquiring skills and knowledge in a particular area
and then being able to communicate them. She is a passion test
facilitator and runs the passion test workshops country wide.

“86% of start-up businesses in South Africa fail within their first year,
because  entrepeneurs lack the relevant information and financial
management skills. Our aim is to lower this number.”