The Power Of Business Mentorship

Power Of Business Mentorship

The future of the South African economy, and its youth lies in strong entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who have vision and foresight and who are backed up by knowledge and support to make their businesses a success are sure to be successful. The more successful a business is, well, the more jobs it will create!  Business mentoring can be a highly effective tool to improve the overall performance of an organisation. Jobs are created when a business is thriving and growing and without the right guidance and mentorship from experienced mentors, the business owners themselves may not have the staying power they need to succeed.

Are Business Plans Still Effective?

It is not enough to simply have a good idea/product. That good idea/product needs to be backed up by a solid business plan. But how can that be established correctly without the wisdom and experience of business entrepreneurs who have been there before?

Over The Rainbow runs just such a program known as the Golden Circle mentorship programme. It is a business mentorship programme run by Dawn Nathan Jones and Lesley Waterkeyn who are both awards winning businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Both Dawn and Lesley offer expert guidance to entrepreneurs in South Africa. Golden Circle Mentorship is a peer-peer online mentoring program that offers a group of five entrepreneurs a confidential and safe space to share challenges and opportunities.

Each session is 90-minutes in length and takes place once a month for 7 consecutive months. The sessions are done in a group mentorship environment allowing other business owners to connect and network and even collaborate!

The Benefits Of Mentorship

The benefits of the mentorship programme include receiving the opportunity to seek clarity in identifying and achieving career goals, increase your self-confidence, develop valuable leadership skills, expand your network and develop strong communication skills.

Business Mentorship

Definition and role of a mentor

Most people have a mentor in their personal lives, but very few have the business skills, experience, knowledge and connections to make your business thrive. This is where a business mentor comes in handy. 

A business mentor is someone who has the know-how to help the up-and-coming business owners achieve their business goals. Mentors hold a valuable key to your success as they’ve been where you want to go, they provide expert learning, as well as the street smarts you’ll need as you navigate through these turbulent times. A mentor is someone who offers his or her business knowledge and wisdom and offers advice to those less experienced.

Having an experienced business mentor can provide entrepreneurs with invaluable insights and support that can ultimately transform their business performance and the longevity of their businesses. Mentors can help make necessary transformational improvements in your business that you may not have even considered before – based purely upon their own experience and expertise.

Business Mentorship

Mentors can be used as a sounding board for ideas and any difficult decisions that you may have to make for the future of your start-up business. Being mentored can help equip you with the tools and knowledge to help your business move in the right direction. 

Some of the other benefits of having a business mentor are increasing your business knowledge and experience in your field, maximizing your business performance, and improving your problem-solving skills. Being part of an online business mentorship programme can have a direct and positive impact on the growth of your business and help you to thrive under the difficult economic climate that we are faced with in South Africa today.

Join Golden Circle Mentorship

Does this excite you? Well, luckily a thriving, impactful mentoring program is within your reach! Sign up and connect with award-winning business leaders Dawn Nathan-Jones and Lesley Waterkeyn by joining our seven-month Golden Circle mentorship program and fulfil your growth potential today!