Golden Circle Mentorship

Are you a business owner with over 10 years of experience wanting to make a difference? Do you want to become a mentor? The Over The Rainbow mentorship program has been designed to allow experienced business owners like yourself to step up and impart some of your invaluable lessons, expertise and knowledge onto our network of small business owners.

Become A Mentor


The Over The Rainbow Mentorship program was designed to help small to medium-size businesses scale and grow by advancing their skillset, knowledge and network through the guidance and leadership of a sound business mentor.

By unlocking your business knowledge, you as the mentor will be able to provide influence, guidance and support to your mentee by leading them through the complexities of business.

Remember, as a mentor you hold a valuable key to the success of your mentee in that you’ve been where they want to go. When you become a mentor you create a professional space for learning  by helping your mentee navigate through these turbulent times and sharing in on the celebration when they make it out victorious.

Benefits Of Being
A Mentor



Golden Circle Mentorship

Meet Fellow

Join our growing list of mentors and stand along side Dawn Nathan Jones and Lesley Waterkeyn
(both award winning business women and entrepreneurs) in our effort to make a positive impact for SMME’S in South Africa. 

Dawn Nathan Jones Golden Circle Mentorship


Dawn Nathan-Jones is a renowned South African entrepreneur, multiple award-winning business leader and a professional speaker. Her legacy lies in her role as one of the early pioneers of the Imperial Car Rental company, known more recently as Europcar. She spent over three decades building this fledging car rental business with her two colleagues.

Lesley Waterkeyn Golden Circle Mentorship


Lesley Waterkeyn is passionate about unlocking the potential of South Africa’s young people. She is the founder and vice-chairman of CWDi, a lifelong learner and active member of the world’s largest peer-to-peer entrepreneurial network, Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO). Amongst many other accolades, Lesley is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur.

What Our Mentees Have To Say

"I found being mentored by Dawn and Lesley incredible powerful. I was opened up a network of like-minded business owners who were all just as focussed on building and scaling their business as i was. The lessons, advice and wisdom shared by our mentors have now been implemented into my own business which has allowed us to grow and thrive."
"Being mentored by Les and Dawn, who have such vast experience and insight into the world of business, and with two complementary approaches to growing a successful and sustainable business, has been invaluable. Not just with regards to a shift in mindset, but in terms of tangible results and growth in my business. I can genuinely say that Dawn, Les, and the Golden Circle mentorship program have taken me and my business to the next level."

Become A Mentor