With school holidays fast approaching, we will be having our second #TeenBoss entrepreneur crash course from the 5th – 7th October we plan to have over 40 teenagers taking part in this revolutionary holiday event.

#TeenBoss is a social initiative aimed at exposing the youth of South Africa to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. We aim to challenge conventional educational programs change the mind-set of our youth through exposure to entrepreneurship.

#TeenBoss joins Teen Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Managements Solutions on a three day adventure, helping them discover their talents and skills and learning how to turn their passion into a profitable business.

#TeenBoss relies on sponsorship in order to make this a sustainable event. We are looking for partners that share our vision and who want to make a difference in South Africa. Our goal is to sponsor 40 underprivileged teens from around the Western Cape.  R1450 will allow a teen to attend this life changing 3 day course (this will include catering, facilitation and venue fee).

Please contact Lesley Waterkeyn on 0834570353 or email: Lesley@colourworks.co.za if you wish to contribute to this worthy cause.

Be part of the change. Use what inspires you, engage what excites you and make money doing what you love.