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Welcome to #TeenBoss!

Join other teen entrepreneurs on a three-day adventure, discovering your talents and skills and learning how to turn your passion into a profitable business!

Our first #TeenBoss entrepreneur crash course was launched this month, with about 40 teenagers taking part in this revolutionary holiday event. The #TeenBoss mentors and judges were dazzled by the innovation and creativity shown by the young minds of these budding entrepreneurs. South Africa has a bright future ahead of itself.

#TeenBoss took young leaders and opened their eyes to the wonders of starting up an innovative business. The #TeenBoss mentorship team was left in awe by the teenagers they had the privilege of working with. The Teenagers had a unique perspective in highlighting areas of opportunity found in the social issues we presented to them. From local tourism, campus safety, learning platforms for the aged, and transportation revamping, to app development and online learning platforms. We got a glimpse into the minds of our future leaders and we were amazed by what we found.

The students capitalised on the issues at hand transforming a problem in to a product that met the needs of their customers (the individual most impacted by the product). Watching these students passionately creating their products was simply mesmerising, just as if you were marvelling at the brilliance of a painter caressing their new canvas or a musician creating a melody out of nothing. #TeenBoss left both the mentors and teenagers energised and motivated to challenge the social norms of thinking.

#TeenBoss exposed these young entrepreneurs to some of the more pressing issues in South Africa. Throw a succulent piece of meat into a lion’s lair; they would know exactly what to do. These young entrepreneurs knew exactly what to do. “Each and every business has started out by defining a problem that needs to be solved.”- #TeenBoss

If asked the question, “Who are you?” Would you be able to give a clear answer? Understanding who you are, what you are passionate about and what your skills are, is essential to achieving any goal? Once our young entrepreneurs had a clear identity, and the value they could bring to the team they dived right into forming balanced effective teams who were committed to solving a social problem.

Our goal for #TeenBoss was to show young leaders that entrepreneurship is not only a way to design you own life and live the life you have always wanted, but also to spark a fresh way of thinking which highlights a world of countless possibilities. We aimed to instill a positive self-esteem and healthy self-image within each student, giving them the confidence to step up and take a hold of their futures as young leaders. Our program #TeenBoss accomplished exactly this and so much more.

Overall, #TeenBoss was a resounding success and was received even better than expected. We saw about 40 teenagers pass through our doors and leave completely rejuvenated and filled with confidence over the course of the three days. Each student left #TeenBoss with a new perspective on entrepreneurship but most importantly with their belief in themselves and their ability to be the positive change that our country needs. We had the chance to tap into the minds of emerging business owners and received insight into the many pots of gold each had to offer.

What our students had to say:

”Everything that entrepreneurs, do, think and say gravitate towards new ideas and possibilities and these ideas will be the base of all the change that our country needs to see. We are responsible for fulfilling the dreams, the wants and the needs of ourselves and others. We will be the change. We are entrepreneurs.”- Milan Rendall

“Being an entrepreneur means having the potential to achieve your wildest dreams. You are not limited by the structure of business because as an entrepreneur you create the structure. Being an entrepreneur means having the potential to change the world. Influence the country is a gross understatement. Entrepreneurs will be the ones to change the country.”- Milan Rendall