Commit to Action, back yourself and do whatever it takes

How can you take the lead, empower yourself and your team? By yourself, you are very vulnerable. With a business partner, you begin to build your business. With a business partner and a staff member, you will form a reasonable tripod and with 1 more person on board of your enterprise you are secure. Building a business can’t be done alone and it is a challenge to find the right people to support you and lead them when you have found them. Here are 7 useful points to build and lead your team and thrive. Establish what kind of leader you are What kind of leader are you? Control freak (because I said so)?  Hands off approach (I’ll leave the decision to you)? The Democrat (Let’s take a vote on it)? The Carrot and the Stick Leader (Achieve this and I will reward you that)? Caterpillar to Butterfly (here’s what’s going to happen…)? Hire the right people There are 3 kinds of players: Kamikazes who are willing to work long hours and do whatever it takes. Implementers who come in behind the first group and turn its work into infrastructure and thirdly Operators, who are perfectly happy running the infrastructure. Make sure you know which strengths you need for each team player. Job interview tips Place yourself in the shoes of the people you are interviewing Include team players that are able to think differently Trust your intuition Align your team around a common purpose To ensure you have a real team – align them all around a common goal or purpose. If you can get them on your side you will have a loyal team player. Delegate Make sure you do what only you can do as the leader of the team and delegate the workload. This will make your team feel empowered because you trust them with the work and you can make sure that priorities are given the proper attention. Create a happy work environment. Comfortable workspace – enough light and clean space maybe a kitchen and coffee and tea machine is a must Nurture your staff Nurturing your staff to thrive professionally and personally. You can do this by: showing appreciation, making your expectations clear, rewarding achievements – however small they may be. Create a comfortable workspace that creates opportunities for socializing and encourage your staff to socialize outside work. You can also think about hiring interns to support your team. In doing so you will have extra hands on board and you provide work experience for the intern.

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