Entrepreneur Motivation

What it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur Motivation

As an entrepreneur you’re constantly looking for the motivation to keep you going. You’re constantly in search for the life style you crave and you’re willing to do what ever it takes to get there. An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. An entrepreneur is someone who isn’t afraid of failing because they know that through each failure comes another lesson learnt. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice and a commitment to a cause far greater than yourself. The only difference between the people who succeed and the people who call it a day is their commitment to their dream.

If you have the ability to commit yourself wholeheartedly to your dreams than you’re already half way there. Learn to apply these simple steps in your startup and what follows next will become your greatest journey.

Focus: As an entrepreneur you need to understand that overnight success stories don’t happen overnight. It takes years to become a success and the only way you become successful is by learning through failure. Pro athlete’s never get anywhere until they live, eat, breathe and sleep focus. You have to truly understand the meaning of the word focus. The world around you is a busy place, a buzzing metropolis of the day to day grind of working professionals. In order for you to ascertain a sense of direction and fill a gap in the market you have to learn to block out the noise and listen to your heart. Your actions will drive you to success but your ability to focus on your actions is what sets you apart from the rest.

Persistence: As an entrepreneur your ability to persist through the tough times and the good is what puts you in good stead moving forward in your entrepreneurial journey. Persistence is absolutely vital to the future success and longevity of your business. If you’re not willing to stick it out through the tough times, then how are you ever going to truly appreciate the good? Not giving up is key. This is easier said than done, but before you’re about to give up always remember why you started in the first place.

Commitment:  The key to any successful relationship is 100% commitment . In the same way in order to see your goals and your dreams realized you have to be fully committed to seeing them through. You have to realize that you cannot expect your clients to commit to your brand if you are not fully committed to your business? Your family, your friends, your spouse and even your pet rely on you to get up every day and chase your dreams because they believe in you and believing in yourself stems from the belief in you from others. Before you leave the house in the morning, look around and ask yourself, is this where I plan to live in the next 5 years? Is the car you’re currently driving the car you’ve always dreamed of? Is your relationship with your spouse, your family and your friends all that it can be now or do you feel that they and you deserve more? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you’re going to need to commit! Your dreams are far more valuable than you realize but committing to them is the best relationship you could possibly have with them.

Hard Work: The two words most people shy away from that defines the two out of three start up businesses that fail world wide. Success stems from hard work and committing to yourself, your business, your goals and your dreams. As an Entrepreneur you cannot be afraid of a little hard work. You’ve heard that old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well neither will your empire. Working hard is a trait not many posses and a trait that will set you in good stead moving forward in your journey. You have to come to realize that all successful people in the world didn’t fall into success, they worked for it. In any industry whether you’re a Doctor, an Engineer, a Lawyer or if your name is Mark Zuckerberg you’ve got to see the years of hard work, dedication, commitment and focus which lead to them being “an overnight success”. There are no short cuts to success and the best part is, every success story has an even better prequel. You want to know what success looks like? Well then you’re going to have to be willing to do what most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of their life like most people can’t.

Learn To Lead, Learn To Serve:Leaders become great not by their power, but because of their ability to empower others” John C Maxwell. A true leader leads with the utmost honesty, transparency, respect and integrity. One of the most important lessons any entrepreneur can take in is not only learning how to sell but learning how to serve. The ability to serve extends far beyond your clients though, it extends into your team. Lead your team with integrity and they will serve your clients in years to come. Learn to lead from within and learn how to empower those around you. Knowledge is power, so when you’re exposed to true leadership and you are inspired by them, take notes, learn, ask questions and constantly seek the better you. There is far to much wisdom and experience in the world, so the best advice we can give you is to open yourself up to learn as much as possible from those wiser and/or older than you. A strong leader was once a valued learner. Sir Richard Branson once said ” When you’re making a decision about how to best serve your customers, your own experience is often a better guide than a more sophisticated approach on the market.”