Building your promise; create credibility, trust and loyalty within your brand

How do you create a brand in which you deliver on your promises and build the trust and loyalty you desire? Branding is about connecting with your consumer, learning to negotiate and developing your uniqueness within the market.  Branding and marketing go hand in hand and are crucial to any business. You can see a brand as a promise and a promise kept builds credibility, trust and loyalty. Here are 7 characteristics of successful brands: Know your audience Your brand is not simply putting a name and logo on your innovation. It should be part of a meaningful strategy in which you actively manage the way your customers perceive your brand. A good brand has the ability to create a human connection. If you think of Nike it is not just that logo, but the slogan and the total image that Nike uses to say to people ‘yes, just stop thinking about doing sports and just do it!’ Be Unique A good brand will separate you from your competition and create that unmistakable recognition from your customers. To create a unique brand is not easy and it is often a good idea to go to a designer to help you. However, the simplest brands are not unique but do create that uniqueness people seek. A good example of this is Apple, which uses the shape of an apple as their brand. It is not a unique form nor an original idea, but it still stands for the special features of Apple. Do it with Passion Once you have the brand you want, you will feel a sense of power and you will be able to show your brand everywhere to promote your products. Continue to deliver on greatness and your brand will ultimately be connected to that high standard people seek. Be consistent Close your emails with your brand signature, place it on everything your produce and refer to your brand in presentations, publicity and other experiences. You show you are consistent and are able to deliver on a standard of quality. The quality you offer will create a certain reputation of your company. Competitiveness Go above and beyond expectations of your clients. Come up with different slogans for specific clients and services your offer and show off your innovation side. Establish a presence With your brand you are able to reach out through multiple channels and use our visual brand as a memorable presence on social media pages and your own webpage. Remember: branding makes your business relevant in the mind of consumers. Lead by example A brand is also a part of your business and its employees. You want your team to fit the values your brand stands for and stand for the common goal your business has. So maximize the strength of team members and use their strengths to make your brand truly stand for that promise of credibility, trust and loyalty.

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