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Over The Rainbow School Camps: Experience of a lifetime! 

Welcome to the new generation of School Camps. Join us at Over the Rainbow and take part in our two night, three day Entre-Leadership School Camp. Campers will be given an insight into what it takes to become an entrepreneur and develop strong leadership-skills needed to empower them in the business world through our hands on approach guided by experienced business owners.

Over the Rainbow Entrepreneur Enrichment School Camps creates an ideal learning environment designed to unlock an entrepreneurial mindset guided by the essential elements of leadership development. Our program combines the practical elements of a leadership camp combined with the theory of an entrepreneur development program. Our program guides students by unlocking their full potential through understanding their strengths, passions and talents.  Over the course of camp, students walk through the fundamental elements of entre-leadership by being part of a team working towards providing a business solution to a social problem by developing a product.

Students will be given an insight into what it takes to become an entrepreneur, as well as the importance of building a strong personal brand through idea generation, product development, creating and building a great brand, and producing a solid business plan. The aim of the product is to meet the needs and wants of the ‘client’. Students will be required to prove the viability of their concept by pitching their product to a panel of judges on the final day of camp.

Once students have completed a module, they will be tasked with applying the theory taught into practical outdoor scenarios where both leadership and entrepreneurial skills will be developed and implemented. Valuable skills covered in these scenarios will include communication, leadership, trust, crisis management, time management,fund management, asset management and delegation. These skills will need to be mastered to ensure a
successful life and business.

At Over the Rainbow we believe that the future of our nation lies in the hands of our youth. It is our joint responsibility to develop great leaders and entrepreneurs alike. Now is the time to take things in to our own hands and design the future we deserve, by designing our own lives. We invite you to experience our entre-leadership school camp and allow your students to discover their “pot of gold”.

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