Lesson 7: Conclusion

This module has covered the strategic approaches you can consider when putting your startup together (we recommend Blue Ocean) as well as the very basics of the financials that you need to keep in mind, particularly when you approach others for investment funds.

Remember, although most people dislike the financial side of things, you can’t ignore it! Keep careful track of where your money goes to make sure you’re on a growth track and to help investors who are trying to decide whether you’re worth the investment.

Further resources

Want to implement the Blue Ocean strategy? The creators of the term have an excellent website with all kinds of useful tools – find it here.

Sorting out your finances can be intimidating. Here’s some software that can make the process easier for you – each of these offers a free trial, so you can find out how easy they are to use and go from there, and they are all well priced. They’re also cloud-based! In order of how easy they are to use:

  • Wave: Free financial software for small businesses
  • QuickBooks: Free trial
  • Xero: 30-day free trial