Lesson 7: Conclusion

This module has covered how to use business models to explore every aspect of your business, understand your real value proposition, and develop a business plan. We have also discussed how to disrupt your industry through innovation and reframing core industry beliefs. Adopting a lean approach allows a startup to be agile, predicting or responding to industry disruptions. Remember, planning an exit strategy is key, as you need to time your exit to maximise your returns.

Further resources

  • Still struggling with your business model? Check out foundr.com for plenty of tips and tricks.
  • Looking for help  developing a precise BMC? Startus Magazine has a useful guide to aid you.
  • Interested in learning more about writing a business plan?  Kara Goldin has some valuable advice .
  • Planning on a tech startup? Rob Marvin’s article is a must-read.