Lesson 3: Cash In On Your Passion

Money is energy. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that making money is as much – if not more – about your state of mind as it is about a solid marketing plan and hard work. We like to think of business as a game, and money is how you keep score.

Many of us grow up with limiting beliefs about money. Simply put, the overriding factor for success is our attitude and our thoughts about wealth, abundance, and money. Sitting on your couch wishing you were rich won’t get you far. But setting clear goals, deciding what steps you need to take to reach those goals, and approaching each step with a positive conviction that you will succeed – well, that just might take you all the way to your pot of gold.

Gena Molencolong has simplified the typical attitude of abundance:

Have – do – be

If I have this car/money/outfit, then I will do this exercise/meeting/task, and I will be happy/successful/healthy.

Molencolong suggests the following instead:

Be – do – have

If I live my life by being the person I want to be, then I will do the things I need, and I will have the life I choose.

Do you remember the story of Jim Carrey and the $10 million check he wrote himself? Being able to visualise the kind of wealth and lifestyle you would like to have is a very powerful tool. Ask yourself:

  • What does financial success look like to me?
  • How do I spend my time?
  • How do I spend my energy?
  • Do these two support each other?

Once you have the right mindset (something you might have to reinforce for yourself each day), getting your financial ducks in a row is important.

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