Dream Big, Take Action

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Scrolling through Twitter the other day, I came across this tweet:

“My biggest fear is marrying into a family that runs 5km on holidays”

I laughed and re-tweeted. Then my boyfriend’s family invited me on a cycling holiday through the Baviaanskloof. I said no. Absolutely not! There was no way that I was spending my holiday CYCLING through the middle of nowhere. Not only did I not cycle, I did not do sport. I did yoga…once. To make it worse, my boyfriend and his family are cyclists. I’m not afraid of failure, but I am terrified of embarrassment. Apparently not terrified enough, because two weeks later at 6 in the morning I was fully dressed in cycling apparel, fully embracing my embarrassment, but taking action.



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The positives of being young are endless. Agility, potential, flexibility, and freedom are just some of the few characteristics that make youth such an enviable time in one’s life. However, while the negatives may be few and far between, there is one in particular that haunts me. I have found it impossibly difficult to portray an image of myself that deserves to be taken seriously in a business environment. While I know I am competent and dedicated, this might not be the impression that others have of me based on preconceived ideas of capability. However, fear not, for not all hope is lost, youths! You can take control of the way others perceive you by designing your own personal brand.



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With school holidays fast approaching, we will be having our second #TeenBoss entrepreneur crash course from the 5th – 7th October we plan to have over 40 teenagers taking part in this revolutionary holiday event.

#TeenBoss is a social initiative aimed at exposing the youth of South Africa to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. We aim to challenge conventional educational programs change the mind-set of our youth through exposure to entrepreneurship.