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#TeenBoss brought to you in association with Over The Rainbow, Teen Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur & Management Solutions. 

Welcome to #TeenBoss!

Join other teen entrepreneurs on a three-day adventure, discovering your talents and skills and learning how to turn your passion into a profitable business!

Our first #TeenBoss entrepreneur crash course was launched this month, with about 40 teenagers taking part in this revolutionary holiday event. The #TeenBoss mentors and judges were dazzled by the innovation and creativity shown by the young minds of these budding entrepreneurs. South Africa has a bright future ahead of itself.


Entrepreneur Motivation

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What it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur Motivation

As an entrepreneur you’re constantly looking for the motivation to keep you going. You’re constantly in search for the life style you crave and you’re willing to do what ever it takes to get there. An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. An entrepreneur is someone who isn’t afraid of failing because they know that through each failure comes another lesson learnt. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice and a commitment to a cause far greater than yourself. The only difference between the people who succeed and the people who call it a day is their commitment to their dream.

If you have the ability to commit yourself wholeheartedly to your dreams than you’re already half way there. Learn to apply these simple steps in your startup and what follows next will become your greatest journey.


Commit to Action, back yourself and do whatever it takes

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YellowHow can you take the lead, empower yourself and your team?

By yourself, you are very vulnerable. With a business partner, you begin to build your business. With a business partner and a staff member, you will form a reasonable tripod and with 1 more person on board of your enterprise you are secure. Building a business can’t be done alone and it is a challenge to find the right people to support you and lead them when you have found them.