Branding and Marketing

What is a brand? A brand according to Google is ‘’a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.’’ Yes Google, a brand is a type of product but a brand more importantly is a promise and a promise kept builds credibility, trust and loyalty. As an entrepreneur you need to understand how to best build your brand and establish it effectively in the online world. A sound brand manual depicting your brand personality, logo, typography, colour palate, iconography and stationary must become uniform across all marketing platforms in order for your brand to establish itself. Tip of the day #1: Branding comes down to perception!  How people perceive your brand is absolutely everything. You need to understand the importance of becoming an exclusive brand, one your team, partners and customers can be proud to be a part of. Tip of the day #2: Your brand should evoke emotion!  It should become something that people want to live, eat, sleep and breathe. Tip of the day #3: Sell exclusivity! The more exclusive you are the more your customers will want to pay. When you allow your client to feel like a millionaire by buying your product or service, you immediately set the tone and put yourself leagues ahead of your competition. Think about some of the biggest brands in the world. Their entire marketing campaign has been developed to evoke an emotional response. Take Coca Cola for example they market themselves by their catch slogan ”Taste the Feeling’’ or how about Starbucks Coffee selling an ‘’Experience’’. As a ‘’start up’’ the importance of branding and marketing cannot be overlooked. Branding can be broken down into the following levels namely: Brand Awareness, Brand Preference, Brand Insistence and finally Brand Advocacy. By understanding each of these steps and working them into your marketing campaign both online and off you become what we call a ‘’trend setter’’. Entrepreneurship is a fascinating world filled with excitement and now that we have you given you some food for thought start by asking yourself ‘’WHY’’ why me, why should my customers buy from me? Why should my investors invest in me? Your WHY becomes your purpose which leads to you building your brand which will inevitably lead to business success. For more branding and marketing tips join our social platforms or sign up to our website HERE as we release the latest branding and marketing tips and trends.