The positives of being young are endless. Agility, potential, flexibility, and freedom are just some of the few characteristics that make youth such an enviable time in one’s life. However, while the negatives may be few and far between, there is one in particular that haunts me. I have found it impossibly difficult to portray […]

Branding and Marketing

What is a brand? A brand according to Google is ‘’a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.’’ Yes Google, a brand is a type of product but a brand more importantly is a promise and a promise kept builds credibility, trust and loyalty. As an entrepreneur you need to […]

The Power Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing with Over the Rainbow What is social media marketing and how can you best use it to increase sales in your business?Social media marketing has taken businesses by storm with most understanding the value it brings to their business. This form of digital marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention […]

Branding and Marketing Services – The Road Not Taken

Over the Rainbow Branding and Marketing solutions: The Road Not Taken  “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost Over the course of the last few months the Over the Rainbow team has had the privilege to meet with countless […]

“Making It” as an entrepreneur

”Entrepreneurs Spectrum To Success”  Over the course of the last month our Over The Rainbow dynamic duo Lesley and Sandy have been facilitating an entrepreneur workshop, working closely with a pioneer group of small business owners who are members of ORT JET Cape Town. It has been both an exciting and motivating journey; the feedback […]

Cash in on your passion and make money doing what you love

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How to cash in on your passion and make money doing what you love? That’s a question without a set answer, but it can be achieved by asking yourself a few questions. Firstly, do you love what you do now?  If your answer is yes, than we congratulate you. The second question would be to […]

Commit to Action, back yourself and do whatever it takes

How can you take the lead, empower yourself and your team? By yourself, you are very vulnerable. With a business partner, you begin to build your business. With a business partner and a staff member, you will form a reasonable tripod and with 1 more person on board of your enterprise you are secure. Building […]

Finding your true north and live the life you were meant to

Have you been wondering how to unlock your inner ‘pot of gold’? What would you do if you had the key to connecting your passions to your strengths and talents? Wouldn’t that enable you to follow your dreams and live the life you were meant to and want to live? To be an entrepreneur is […]

Building your promise; create credibility, trust and loyalty within your brand

How do you create a brand in which you deliver on your promises and build the trust and loyalty you desire? Branding is about connecting with your consumer, learning to negotiate and developing your uniqueness within the market.  Branding and marketing go hand in hand and are crucial to any business. You can see a […]