Dream Big, Take Action

Scrolling through Twitter the other day, I came across this tweet: “My biggest fear is marrying into a family that runs 5km on holidays” I laughed and re-tweeted. Then my boyfriend’s family invited me on a cycling holiday through the Baviaanskloof. I said no. Absolutely not! There was no way that I was spending my […]


I AM: Put the YOU in YOUth this June-Be YOUnique and Embrace your inner Entrepreneur WHO ARE YOU? A simple, straightforward question, without a simple straightforward answer. Throughout my teen years, this question terrified me. I was changing, experiencing, developing and evolving so much every day that it felt impossible to define myself. One day, […]

The Rainbow Course – Master your business with 7 steps to success

The month of August has been a busy one for the Over the Rainbow team. We kicked off the month with our latest intake of 10 ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners from all over the Western Cape embarking on the journey to building successful and sustainable businesses. The response to the Rainbow Course has […]

Passion Test

All successful people around the world have passion and have learned to make decisions based on what really matters to them.  Even when others tell them they are crazy – they follow their hearts. On the 2nd of September we ran the first ever Passion Test in South Africa. Our very own, Sandy van Dijk […]


The positives of being young are endless. Agility, potential, flexibility, and freedom are just some of the few characteristics that make youth such an enviable time in one’s life. However, while the negatives may be few and far between, there is one in particular that haunts me. I have found it impossibly difficult to portray […]

The Power Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing with Over the Rainbow What is social media marketing and how can you best use it to increase sales in your business?Social media marketing has taken businesses by storm with most understanding the value it brings to their business. This form of digital marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention […]

Branding and Marketing Services – The Road Not Taken

Over the Rainbow Branding and Marketing solutions: The Road Not Taken  “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost Over the course of the last few months the Over the Rainbow team has had the privilege to meet with countless […]

“Making It” as an entrepreneur

”Entrepreneurs Spectrum To Success”  Over the course of the last month our Over The Rainbow dynamic duo Lesley and Sandy have been facilitating an entrepreneur workshop, working closely with a pioneer group of small business owners who are members of ORT JET Cape Town. It has been both an exciting and motivating journey; the feedback […]